Tree Survey, Tree Reports BS5837

Trees contribute significantly to our environment and provide a variety of benefits to our well being. Although the benefits of trees generally outweigh the risks there are cases where trees by virtue of their size, position and condition can pose an unacceptable risk to people and property.

Sylva Consultancy can carry out a tree survey for you and give you all the information you need. A tree survey consists of information regarding any potential hazards as well as helping you to manage and maintain your trees with information on type, condition and age of your trees.

Under the Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 & 1984 the occupier of a site has ‘A duty of Care’ to take reasonable steps to prevent or minimise the risk of personal injury or damage to property arising from the presence of trees or from a tree failing or uprooting. This duty of care extends to both visitors and trespassers.

Trees are living organisms whose health and condition can change rapidly. The health, condition and safety of trees should be checked on a regular basis. Sylva Consultancy promotes best practice and is able to provide a variety of reports and can provide the following services:

Visual Tree Inspections

A preliminary inspection undertaken from ground level only which identifies the overall health and safety of a tree/s with appropriate recommendations regarding any future management needs.

Tree Climbing inspections

In some instances it may be required to carry out a more detailed inspection to ensure a tree is free from significant defects or decay. This may result in an earlier recommendation or may be required from the outset.

Tree Decay Detection

The use of Decay Detection Equipment can aid in evaluating the overall health and safety of a tree to ensure that the tree does not pose a risk to persons or property.

Sylva Consultancy is based in Oxford but also covers the whole of the UK.

Tree reports include:

  • A full tree survey
  • Decay detection using our decay detection equipment
  • Visual tree inspection
  • Climbing inspections where needed

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